I like to think of myself as a pretty honest person, and yet I tell little white lies to my unsuspecting children every single day.

This isn’t to be cruel, it’s not to upset them and I don’t do it for my own benefit (much). I do this for the greater good. 

In an ideal world our kids would do as their told and sit quietly like little angels wherever we go, but we all know that toddlers don’t operate that way.

If you’re a parent, I guarantee you will have told at least one of these lies this week: 

1. OK, I’ll pick you up next week

If I’m two tired to pick them up and wrestle them to the car, then this bluff is the only way to get them to leave with me.

Of course threatening abandonment could be considered as cruel, but then again if we don’t leave on time then no one gets fed and they all starve. Which is worse?

2. Mummy’s drink has alcohol in it

Sometimes my drink actually does have alcohol in it, so this one isn’t always a lie. 

But sometimes I want to drink my juice – all of it – myself. I don’t want to share my refreshingly delicious 

3. This is spicy

This food isn’t spicy. It’s just bloody delicious and I don’t want to share it. 

4. Santa won’t bring you any presents

It doesn’t have to be December to bring this lie out. The kids are horrified at the thought of having nothing to open on Christmas Day and of Santa being disappointed in them. 

The truth is that we enjoy buying the presents and seeing our kids open them as much as they do. The likelihood of Santa (us) not buying them gifts is zero.

5. It’s bedtime

Actually it will be bedtime in about 20 minutes, but we know that you will argue for the next 30 minutes, so we’re just accounting for that time. 

6. If you don’t eat your greens you won’t grow big and strong

Actually you will, because you’re healthy as a horse even if you only eat one pea before rejecting every other vegetable on your plate. 

Are there any little white lies you tell your children?