I love flowers, so combining florals with crafts for my toddlers is a brilliant solution to boring days at home for me!

I’m always looking for rainy day inspiration for things to do with my kids, and these ideas are both easy (I am not particularly crafty) and quick!

If you don’t fancy the mess of paint, try using felt-tip pens instead.

1. Paper plate flower

I love paper plat crafts before they are so cheap! Get a paper plate and cut little triangles out all around the edges to make the “petals”.

Now get your toddler to paint the petals in any colour they wish before painting the middle a different colour. They could also stick tissue paper squares in the centre to make a pretty pattern.

2. Handprint tulips

Get your toddler to put their hand flat onto a piece of card. Draw around it yourself or show your toddler how to do it – they may need a few goes!

Next cut the hand shape out and stick this to a green cardboard stalk. This is fab as a way to decorate an Easter card or get well soon card.

3. Tissue paper blooms

Cut out a flower shape or help your child to do this with child-safe scissors. I used simple card but you can always use corrugated card to add texture.

Then get your child to pick a favourite colour, or colours, of tissue paper and show them how to rip the paper up into tiny squares before scrunching them up into balls.

Next using child-safe glue, get your toddler to put glue all over one side of the flower shaped card. Now is the fun part, stick the tissue paper down onto the card, encourage them to mix up the colours to make a pretty pattern.

4. Finger paint flowers

Cut out a flower shape from card and then let your toddler pick some colours. Now encourage them to cover the flower with finger prints. Make a few that you can then stick down on one piece of card and create a bunch!

5. Easy peasy peonies

Peonies are one of my all-time favourite flowers. I had them in my wedding bouquet and still love to buy them for the brief period in summer when they are available!

Your toddler can make their own by getting pale pink and purple sheets of tissue paper, scrunching them up then sticking them down to a “stalk” to create the billowy petals.

6. Handprint florals

Get a large piece of card (A2 would be ideal) and get your toddler to pick out a paint colour.

Then help them to make handprints in a line across the centre of the page (each handprint is a flower bud). Then they can use a paintbrush to create stalks and leaves, as well as a sun at the top of the page.


Easy flower crafts for toddlers / pre-schoolers