Summer is here and if you have a toddler you’re probably hoping to make the best of those precious weeks of sunshine outside.

If you’re struggling for inspiration for how to fill the days, here are 50 ideas for keeping your kids entertained this summer. 

Most can be done outside, but there are a few ideas which will work for rainy days as well, because we know what a disappointment British weather can be! 

I’ve also created a schedule for families to use this summer. Check out my sample schedule, and download your own blank version, by signing up to my mailing list. 

1. Build a fairy garden 

2. Make ice lollies

3. Wash the car

4. Blow bubbles

5. Make a photo collage. If you’re doing this with young children you can get some colourful scrapbook stickers and let them decorate the final collage. Get them to help you decide where each photo should go. 

6. Make a fort

7. Find a new playground 

8. Organise a scavenger hunt

9. Play in the paddling pool/water table 

10. Play catch 

11. Make fluffy slime

12. Have a teddy bear picnic 

13. Read books outside

14. Pitch a tent in the garden 

15. Visit a zoo

16. Swim at your local outdoor pool

17.  Have a water fight

18. Ride bikes

19. Visit a National Trust property 

20. Visit a pick your own farm

21. Feed ducks at your local pond 

22. Draw on the ground with chalk 

23. Get a large cardboard box and create a pretend house/TV/whatever your child wants it to be

24. Make a bird feeder

25. Make play dough 

26. Have a race

27. Create an obstacle course in the garden using boxes and furniture 

28. Get the Lego outside and build something 

29. Make a bug hotel out of a shoe box  

30. Go to the beach 

31. Make homemade pizza 

32. Get paints outside and get messy making foot and hand prints on paper 

33. Go on a boat trip 

34. Eat watermelon 

35. Make lemonade 

36. Paint rocks and hide them in your local town 

37. Play with a hula hoop

38. Make a nature collage

39. Visit a local splash pad 

40. Make cards for relatives 

41. Bake cupcakes 

42. Visit an aquarium 

43. Have a movie day – in your pyjamas 

44. Make something out of cardboard boxes and empty loo rolls 

45. Make paper boats and race them across the paddling pool 

46. Pick daisies 

47. Make flower prints with celery stalks 

48. Have a barbecue 

49. Ride the train somewhere new 

50. Build a sandcastle 

51. Look at the stars 

52. Play hide and seek 

Do you have any ideas for what to do this summer? Share the inspiration in the comments section!



50+ ideas for what to do with your children this summer