There’s always a lot of talk about adults having a bucket list or things to do before you’re 30, but what about toddlers!

There’s a lot of fun to be had in those early years and there’s no harm in having a list of amazing things to tick off.

Those first three years of a baby’s life fly by in a flash, after all, and they are the perfect time to create lasting family memories.

As my eldest recently turned three, I thought I would write a list of all the fabulous things she has already packed in to her life.

These are the 50 things to do before you’re three:

1. Have an ice cream by the sea

2. Meet Peppa Pig

3. Make a hand print

4. Build a den

5. Ride a pony

6. See a show

7. Make slime

8. Bake cupcakes (check out my cupcake recipe here)

9. Build a sand castle

10. Go on holiday

11. Visit a museum

12. Ride a boat

13. See a film

14. Go to a fairground

15. Get your face painted

16. Go trick or treating

17. Leave a carrot, mince pies and a drink out for Santa

18. Stay up late for a party

19. Throw a birthday party with all your friends

20. Make a daisy chain

21. Dress up as your favourite film/TV character

22. Make snow angels

23. Paint a picture

24. Go on a bear hunt

25. Jump in muddle puddles (wearing wellies, of course)

26. Play I-Spy

27. Play a musical instrument (even if it’s just banging a wooden spoon on a saucepan!)

28. Blow bubbles

29. Play in a paddling pool

30. Build a snow man

31. Enjoy an Easter egg hunt

32. Have a teddy bear tea party

33. Make play dough

34. Make a card for mummy or daddy

35. Put on a puppet show

36. Feed the ducks

37. Swing on a swing

38. Dip your toes in the ocean

39. Go for a picnic

40. Have a bug hunt in the garden

41. Visit a zoo

42. Play hide-and-seek

43. Plant a seed in the garden

44. Learn the words to your favourite song and sing it

45. Play in the rain

46. Put a bird feeder in the garden and watch the birds visit for a snack

47. Visit a garden centre – they have so much to look at and many have fish on show too

48. Paint some pottery

49. Visit a farm

50. Make a necklace using string and dry, uncooked pasta

I hope this list gives your toddler some inspiration! Are there any things that your toddler has enjoyed doing that aren’t on the list? I would love to hear from you.

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50 things you need to do before turning 3