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Need to save money on your household bills and spending this year but not sure where to start?

Here are five amazing ways to save money this, with tips that you can start actioning right away and see great results within the year!

If you’re looking for ways to save on your heating bill at winter, or cut back on your grocery bills, this is where to start!

Cut your winter heating bill

Over the chilly winter months the drop in temperature can really play havoc with your heating bill!

But there are a few simple steps you can take to really take the sting out of your monthly charges, and stay warm at the same time. 

The best long-term solution is to make sure your boiler is working properly and fully serviced. You can find experts to help you out with a simple search, for example Boiler Repair Leeds, and they can let you know if you need a new boiler or just a few replacement parts. 

Save money on your heating this winterSave money on your heating this winter

Other brilliant ways to save on your heating bill include using an electric blanket on your bed and keeping doors closed!

Stop buying disposable products

Making simple switches can save you hundreds of pounds and is kinder to the environment! For example, stop buying cling film and invest in Tupperware pots and beeswax paper instead. 

Ditch tampons and sanitary pads for reusable menstrual cups and period pants. Stop buying disposable nappies and invest in some reusable ones instead. 

You’ll be amazed at how great the range of reusable products are. 

Meal plan

Shopping for your meals on a day-to-day basis will generally mean you end up spending more. You are more likely to buy extra snacks, make impulse purchases and end up wasting food that you forget in the back of your fridge. 

You can slash your grocery bill by planning your seven-day menu every day before doing one big weekly shop. This could be online if you hate the idea of spending so much time in a supermarket. 

Set out the meals you will buy, including lunch and breakfast. When doing this, plan how you can use the leftovers and extra ingredients. For example, half a cauliflower can go into a vegetarian curry and the other half can go with your Sunday roast. 

If you struggle to stick to meal plans, try keeping a list on your fridge either on a chalkboard or a magnetic notepad. This should keep you organised and keep you out of the supermarket!

Research vouchers 

Every time you decide to purchase something, or go out, take a look at what vouchers might be available to you. 

This could be anything from money off Pizza Express to savings on your clothes shopping. 

There’s usually voucher codes out there for everything. Many companies will also give you a discount when you sign up to their mailing list. 

Use cash back websites 

You can get back hundreds of pounds every year by using cash back websites. All you need to do is purchase products you want through links on the cash back website. They receive a commission for that purchase, and pass some of it back to you. 

Most of your favourite online shops are probably involved in some kind of cash back site, so before you buy that new TV, take a look and see if you could get some money back on your purchase!

I hope these tips were useful and have given you some inspiration for how to save money on your household bills this year! Do you have any tips that work well for you?