Rare baby girl names for 2020

Are you expecting a baby girl in 2020 and looking for rare baby names?

Unusual names are so popular right now! According to baby name statistics, a growing proportion of parents are choosing baby names outside of the top 100 most popular names!

Expectant mums and dads are partly motivated by popular culture, where shows such as Game of Thrones have introduced a whole new list of names. But they are also influenced by the trend to choose a rare and unique name for their baby. 

Unusual baby girl namesUnusual baby girl names

If you want something unique for your baby’s name, here are 30+ rare baby girl names to give you inspiration, and their meanings!

Which name is your favourite?

Love – So many names are now inspired by popular culture! Love is a character in the second series of You on Netflix. While the subject matter of the show is not particularly baby-friendly, this is a beautiful and unique name!

Ada – Meaning nobility or adornment, this is perfect for parents looking for a vintage baby name. It’s still rare, but did jump into the top 100 baby names in the UK for the first time in a century last year!

Delilah – A Biblical name meaning delight or to flirt. If the meaning is not your cup of tea, ignore that and think about the name itself. It’s so unique and pretty, plus could be shortened to Lilah if you wish. 

Ayla – A pretty and feminine name meaning “halo of light around the moon”. It’s perfect for fans for the celestial name trend which is set to be big in 2020. 

Margot – the name means Pearl and it’s another lovely choice for fans of vintage baby names. It has French origins too, so perfect if you have a special connection to the country. 

Felicity – A beautiful name meaning happiness. It can also mean luck or good fortune. 

Orla – This one derives from the Celtic name meaning golden princess. 

Arabella – A lovely choice if you love the idea of shortening your baby’s name to Bella but want something more rare than Isabella. It means loving or graceful. 

Lyla – The name means night in Arabic. You could change up the way it’s spelt, with options including Laila, Layla or Leila. 

Sera – Meaning princess, it can be shortened from the name Seraphina if you wish. 

Iris – Iris was the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and it’s also a flower. It’s a lovely choice for fans of all things nature and colour. 

Maryam – It means sea of bitterness or sea of sorrow, so it’s not got the cheeriest of connotations. But it can also mean “wished-for child”. It’s a more unusual variant on the name Mary. 

Beatrice – The meaning of this name is “bringer of joy” which makes it the perfect name for a longed-for baby. Can be shorted to Bea. 

Edith – The name has grown in popularity in recent years but remains quite rare still. It means riches or blessed. Can be shortened to Edie. 

Coco – The name comes from the Spanish word for help. It’s a pretty name with strong popularity in France, but less widely used in the UK and US. 

Anouk – A beautifully unique name meaning grace. It’s very unusual and rare, and could be abbreviated to Annie if you wish. 

Anthea – Meaning flowery or lady of the flowers. 

Dulcie – A very pretty name for a baby girl meaning “sweetness”. This also makes a lovely middle name. 

Rey – This name is likely to grow a little more popular thanks to the character Rey in Star Wars, but it remains pretty rare and not so widely used. The word means king in Spanish. 

Fia – Meaning wild or weaver, it’s a lovely alternative to Mia. 

Theodora – Meaning gift this name is a gorgeous and unique name. It’s perfect for fans of more old-fashioned baby names. 

Amara – This name means grace and kindness, which makes it a beautiful choice for a little girl!

Dakota – Meaning friend, it’s also the name of a states in the US. 

Rare baby girl name ideasRare baby girl name ideas
Young loving mother watching her sleeping 18 days old baby

Parker – A great name for fans of surnames as first names. Can be used for a boy or a girl. It means park keeper. 

Blythe – The name means carefree, and it’s also quite a traditional old English name so perfect for fans of vintage baby names. 

Aisling – This name means vision or dream, so it’s lovely if you have been dreaming of having your baby and finally are welcoming a baby girl!

Gia – Meaning god’s gracious gift, this is a great choice for religious parents, but also a very pretty, feminine choice for anyone looking for a girly and rare name. 

Wren – Meaning a small brown songbird. It’s of old English origin and such a simple yet delicate name!

Hattie – A less popular alternative to Harriet. The name means little ruler of the home, which may be very appropriate for a newborn!

Renata – The name means reborn. 

Zoe – The name means life in Greek. 

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30 rare baby girl names and their meanings30 rare baby girl names and their meanings