25 brilliant pregnancy movies to watch when you're pregnant

Looking for some entertaining pregnancy movies to watch while waiting for your own baby to arrive?

When you’re going through a big life stage, it’s fun to watch movies that reflect all of the issues and challenges we’re coming up against. 

More than anything, it makes us feel less alone and less bonkers! It also helps you to laugh at the tougher moments of pregnancy. 

So here are 25 movies about pregnancy for you to check out when pregnant! Which ones have you already seen?

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Knocked Up 

TV host Alison and jobless layabout Ben have a one night stand which results in a pregnancy!

They decide to give their relationship a shot, all while coping with the twists and turns of pregnancy. It’s a hilarious movie and absolutely perfect pregnancy viewing. 

What to Expect When You’re Expecting 

An ensemble movie based very loosely on the informative book of the same name. It stars big names including Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock. 

Several expectant parents with very different stories get ready to welcome their babies. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get excited to meet your own little one. 


Ellen Page stars as the titular character, a teenager who has been knocked up by a high school friend. 

She decides to have the baby adopted, and so begins a funny and heartwarming tale of her journey through pregnancy. It’s a story that will leave you smiling at the end. 

Bridget Jones’ Baby 

The third movie following Bridget Jones’ adventures in singledom. In this our unlikely heroine finds herself pregnant, with no clue who the father is!

Mark Darcy is back, along with Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob Patrick Dempsey as Jack, a new love interest for Bridget. 


One of the most accurate portrayals of life with a newborn I have ever seen! Charlize Theron is the mum of three struggling to cope with sleep exhaustion. 

Can the new night nanny Tully help her cope? It’s a fun movie, and gives you a little dose of reality for what to expect when baby arrives. 

The Back-Up Plan 

A cute rom-com starring Jennifer Lopez as a shop owner who is desperate to have a baby. She hasn’t met the right man yet, so decides to get inseminated. 

The trouble is, she meets Mr Right immediately after! It’s a sweet and funny tale that’s really easy viewing. 

Friends With Kids

Two best friends decide to have a baby together so that they can continue dating other people without making a commitment. 

It stars comedy gems including Maya Rudolph and Chris O’Dowd. This movie never fails to make you go “aww” at the end. 

pregnancy movies to watchpregnancy movies to watch

Nine Months 

Starring Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore as parents-to-be, this is a classic rom-com that you will love to watch while pregnant!

Hugh is the dad who gets cold feet while Julianne is his girlfriend who just wants him to settle down and start a family. 


This 2007 rom-com is now a West End musical! Jenna is a waitress locked in an unhappy marriage. 

When she finds out she’s pregnant she is not thrilled at the news. She begins a fling with her doctor. A fun and heartwarming movie with a gorgeous ending. 

Life As We Know It

Another Katherine Heigl movie about motherhood! This one sees her star as a single baker called Holly whose best friends die in a car crash. 

She’s asked to take care of their child, along with their other best friend who just happens to be someone she hates! It’s a wonderful crash course in parenting, and it’s a lovely romantic story too. 

Three Men and a Baby 

This movie was made in 1987 but having seen it again recently it’s still just as funny!

Three single guys are left holding the baby, literally, when one is left on their doorstep. They struggle with feeding, nappies, bathing and all of the other challenges that parenthood throws their way. 

It’s a truly funny story that makes you realise that struggles of adapting to a baby are something everyone goes through!

The Change-Up 

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman star in this extremely relatable comedy!

Dave, a dad of three kids, switches places with Mitch, his single friend. They both get a crash course in what the other’s life is like!

The Switch 

So many of the pregnancy movies on this list involve couples finding love after bonding over their baby! This one is pretty unique, with Jennifer Aniston starring as a 30-something New Yorker who wants a baby. 

She decides to get inseminated, but her friend Wally, played by Jason Bateman, swaps the donor sperm for his own. 

Will she realise the truth, and will they get together?

Baby Mama 

This is a film about friendship as much as it is about falling in love. A successful businesswoman decides to have a baby and arranges for a surrogate to carry the child. 

The story follows her relationship with her slightly strange surrogate. 

Look Who’s Talking 

Bruce Willis as you have never seen him before! The action hero provides the voice for a baby in this very funny look at pregnancy and life with a new baby. 

It also has a very sweet romantic story to it between John Travolta and Kirstie Alley. 

For Keeps 

An 80s coming-of-age movie that sees a couple of high school sweethearts fall pregnant. Their parents do not support them keeping the baby, so they set out to do it by themselves. 

Fools Rush In 

Friends star Matthew Perry is an architect who meets free-spirited Isabel. After one night together she falls pregnant and they decide to dive into this new twist in their lives together and get married. 

How do they cope with their new relationship and the pregnancy?

Fifty Shades Freed

In the final instalment of the Fifty Shades franchise, Ana discovers she is pregnant much to the horror of Christian, who is still haunted by his past. 

Of all the movies on this list, this is the raunchiest! It’s also very much a romantic story at the heart of it. 

The Object of my Affection 

Starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, this is a romantic comedy drama movie. Nina falls pregnant but decides she wants her gay best friend to help her raise the baby. 

The story follows what happens when her feelings for her best friend move beyond platonic. 

Riding in Cars with Boys

An inspiring story based on an autobiography. Drew Barrymore stars as a teen mother who overcomes challenges to succeed. 

It’s an uplifting and moving story of raising a family!

Father of the Bride Part II

Steve Martin is back as the stressed-out father of the bride. This time not only is his daughter expecting her first baby, but his wife is unexpectedly pregnant too!

She’s Having a Baby 

The film follows the lives of Jake and Kristy as they get married and welcome their first child. It’s a rom-com starring Kevin Bacon and is perfect viewing during pregnancy. 

Due Date 

A film about making it to the hospital in time for birth! Robert Downey Jr is the dad trying to get home so that he can be with his wife when she has their baby. 

He goes on a crazy road trip as he tries to reach LA. It’s funny and silly, but a great easy watch. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger as you have never seen him before, pregnant! The Terminator star is a researcher who discovers he can make himself pregnant. 

What follows is a very silly but quite entertaining story of a man struggling with pregnancy symptoms, and giving birth! 

Baby Boom 

A romantic comedy about being thrown in at the deep end with a baby! Diane Keaton stars as a career-driven New Yorker who is asked to raise her cousin’s baby after her death. 

25 pregnancy movies to watch when you're expecting 25 pregnancy movies to watch when you're expecting
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