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With it not only being a new year, but a whole new decade too, this is the perfect time to inject new life into your bedroom. 

When it comes to escaping from work and the family at the end of a very busy day, you need a place that screams relaxation. This is your area to switch off and reset. 

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to transform your bedroom – you don’t have to wallpaper or paint if you don’t want to – and injecting a little new life could be as simple as some new artwork!

There are some beautiful bedroom interior trends for 2020 that could transform your boring boudoir into a stylish and relaxing haven. 

These are the trends we predict will be big this year: 

Grey fabric beds

Grey fabric beds are a fantastic choice because the colour will go with any scheme you choose to decorate with. 

A grey bed appears softer and more relaxing, plus the fabric can contrast with any sharper edges you may use for the rest of the decor. It’s neither masculine or feminine, so a great choice if you’re trying to please all tastes. 

Pair a grey fabric bed with dramatic colours or keep it simple with gentle pastel tones. 

Feature wall

Bedroom trends 2020Bedroom trends 2020

Whether you choose wallpaper or a bold bright blue, a feature wall can really finish off your bedroom.

Pick the wall where your headboard will be and then pick a colour that will be both eye-catching but soothing. A deep blue is perfect. 

Layered textures

When it comes to making your bed look cosy, different textures can really make it stand out. 

Try adding throws, cushions and bedding in a variety of material types and patterns. Find colour combinations that work together, but think about strong contrasts as well. 

Adding lots of fabric to the room makes it more relaxing, and your bedroom should be your calm oasis away from your busy life!

You could add wallpaper in too to expand the textures and really soften the room. 

Abstract artwork

The wall above your headboard is a blank canvas for you to express yourself! Pick some abstract artwork in pairs or threes to give it some colour. 

Look for bold geometric prints and maybe even paintings on canvas with a little texture to them. 

Hand-drawn artwork is also a beautiful choice, and can go really well with the layers textures trend as described above. 

Monochrome colours

Choose black and white for a really dramatic look! If you don’t fancy black on the walls, choose a dark grey which gives a warm and cosy feel while also appearing stylish. 

You could also offset these colours a little with some natural tones such as pale greens and pinks. 

When choosing bedding and artwork, go for different patterns to draw the eye and make the room look interesting. 

Bring nature indoors

Go for a minimalist decor with earthy tones and stone table lamps paired with lots of green plants. 

A big leafy statement plant in the corner inside a wicker basket is a wonderful way to finish the bedroom. 

So what was your favourite trend? Will you be making any changes to your bedroom this year?