Being a mother is bloody hard work, there’s no doubt about that.

But there are moments when all the tears, tantrums, sleepless nights, bowls of food flung on the floor and overflowing nappies are worth it.

There are moments that make you well up, and even shed a tear or two, and make your soul glow.

So prepare to read one hell of a mushy post, as we go through the heart-melting moments that make mamahood amazing.

1. The “I love yous”

When your child is finally old enough to not only speak but tell you they love you, it’s the ultimate parenting goals moment.

2. Tiny hands gripping your fingers

They reach out and grab you fingers. That little grip is super tight, like they’re showing you how much they want you to stay with them.

3. The snuffling noises

When my youngest gets cosy on me and rests her head on my shoulder she makes these little snuffling noises as she breathes and snuggles in. It’s adorable!

4. When they learn something new

They’re proud and you’re proud, it’s double joy!

5. The little wins

You have to take the little victories when you’re a parent, because we don’t get to win often! It’s when you’ve put your child to bed with just five minutes of crying and arguing instead of 10 or when your toddler finally ate their vegetables at tea time.

6. The smiles

When they see you enter a room, catch sight of their favourite toy or just beam for no apparent reason, it’s totes emosh for you. They’re happy, which means you’re happy, which means you may well up because when you’re a hormonal mess, happiness means a good cry!

7. The cuteness

It might be the new outfit you put them in or a particular thing they have just learned how to do, whatever it is the cute factor is one of the biggest perks of parenting.

8. Holding hands

It’s a lovely feeling to walk alongside your child while holding their hand. Even if you’re going nowhere particularly exciting, you’re together and that’s what counts.

Its that feeling of being wanted, of always having a friend, that makes holding hands so special.

9. Reading bedtime stories

When they’re, hopefully, intent on listening to the story and asking questions about the pictures, it’s a beautiful bonding moment. When it’s just you and your child sharing a story and a few jokes about what’s happening to the characters, your heart just melts.

10. Playing make believe

The imagination of children never ceases to amaze me. My toddler conjures up entire narratives and characters in her playtime and it’s so brilliant to watch, and join in.

11. When they don’t want you to go

Yes mummy guilt can strike at these moments too but it’s always nice to be wanted!

12. When you pick them up

That moment my toddler runs to me when she spots me coming to collect her from nursery gets me every time.

13. When only Mummy will do

It could be when they’re poorly or are feeling a little down in the dumps. Sometimes only Mummy can make little ones feel better. It’s an amazing super power to have!

14. The chats

Driving my kids home from nursery is one of my favourite parts of the day. I love asking about the best thing my toddler did that day and who she played with.

She will often come out with surprising and funny things, she’s such a character.

15. All the showing off

When someone else spots and compliments the stuff that makes your kid great, it makes you feel brilliant that it’s not just you that can see you’re bringing up a good one. You may burst with pride, but in a good way!

16. When time slows down

Sometimes when you’re cuddling your child close and they’re not squirming about or smacking you in the face, time just seems to stand still.

17. Those middle of the night moments

Yes sleep deprivation is ultimately not what we want, but when it’s just you and your baby those night feeds can be such a beautiful opportunity for bonding.

18. The giggles

When you find the one spot that makes them laugh every time or the face that has them in fits of giggles, it’s a moment of sheer joy.

Being able to get you child laughing is like having the best super power ever.

19. When they enjoy their food

We so often get thwarted in our attempts to get our kids to eat their meals that it’s so satisfying to cook something for them that they actually relish. It makes you feel like you’re winning at last!

20. Snuggles on the sofa

Sometimes the best things in life really are free.

Are there any moments of motherhood that melt your heart? Tell me all about them.




20 heart-melting mama moments