Even though its early days for your pregnancy, there are a few first trimester must-haves that can make your life easier. 

After getting a positive pregnancy test the first instinct is to rush out and buy as many cute baby clothes as you can fit into your home. 

But top of your agenda should be these items that are not only essential to taking care of you and your baby in pregnancy, but will also make the experience more fun. 

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You don’t have to spend oodles of cash on all things pregnancy, but there are definitely a few essentials that will help you along the way.

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Although you may not show until well into your second trimester, particularly if it is a first pregnancy, you may find that you feel more bloated in the early weeks. 

Even if your bump is tiny, or non-existent, a stretchy, soft pair of leggings will become way more appealing to you than tight skinny jeans. 

Choose maternity leggings that you can grow into and will last you for the duration of your pregnancy and stay with you after giving birth too (your bump will stick around for a few weeks post birth). 

There are so many maternity brands on the market that you are really spoiled for choice here. Maternity specialists such as Seraphine even make stylish leather-look maternity leggings which are perfect for nights out (if you’re still energetic enough to have those!). 

Waistband stretcher

You can save a whole lot of money by not buying pregnancy jeans and instead adapting your current trousers for your expanding waistline with waistband adaptors. 

There are various products made specifically to extend the waist on your trousers and skirts. They do a great job of covering up the fact that you’ve had to pop the button on your jeans!

If you want to save money on this, you could just get a hairband, loop it around the buttonhole and then loop it over the button. This will give you a good few weeks before you grow out of your jeans!

Pre-natal vitamins

Of all the things you should buy in your first trimester, this is the number one!

If you were deliberately trying to conceive then you may already have been taking some folic acid supplements, as this helps to prevent defects of your baby’s brain and spinal cord. 

If you have not yet started taking folic acid, you need to start right now! The recommendation for pregnancy ladies is to take 400mcg of folic acid every day. 

Studies have shown that ladies who took folic acid for a year before even conceiving reduced the chances of delivering their baby early by as much as 50 per cent. 

All good pre-natal vitamins will include the folic acid dose that you need as recommended by doctors along with other nutrients that will help your growing baby. 

You can also buy pre-natal supplements that include an additional fish oil capsule to take every day. 

Studies have shown that the omega-3 contained in fish oil helps to develop your baby’s brain and can even result in them being more intelligent. 

You could also get your omega-3 from adding fish such as salmon and cod to your regular diet. There’s lots of advice on the best types of fish for your pregnancy diet over on the NHS website. 

Bra expander 

A simple and cheap way to cope with your expanding boobs!

Hormonal changes during early pregnancy mean that you may notice your boobs getting bigger already as your body gears up for breastfeeding. 

You will also begin to expand around your rib cage and your bra will start to feel tighter. 

Keep it comfy without having to buy a new bra just yet with handy bra expanders. They simply clip on to the fastenings of your bra and give you a few extra centimetres of breathing room. 

Sports bra/ maternity bra

If you are wearing underwire bras then you may find that no amount of expanding the size makes them comfortable. 

Your breasts go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and will be more sensitive. 

A supportive cotton bra without underwire or padding will feel more comfortable to you. 

You could go right ahead and invest in some nursing bras now, as then they will last you right through to after the baby is born if you plan on breastfeeding. 

Water bottle

You will need to drink plenty of water during pregnancy! If you are suffering from nausea then you may be struggling to get enough fluids down you. 

Try sipping water little and often to help keep ingesting the water your body needs and prevent you from feeling too sick. 

I love the idea of having an infuser water bottle, which you can add your favourite fruits and flavours to create tasty water. Sipping on flavoured water could really help with your morning sickness.

Heartburn medication

Ouch! Heartburn is common during pregnancy and can be seriously uncomfortable. 

Get some heartburn medication such as Tums or Rennie to help you. Always check the packaging for advice on the dosage and safety during pregnancy. 

A glass of milk can also help to soothe your heartburn. 

Preggie pop drops

These Preggie Pop Drops are amazing little sweets that come in various flavours. They help to combat pregnancy nausea, plus they taste great too. 

They are completely natural and drug-free. The flavour can help to not only take away the yucky taste in your mouth you may often get in early pregnancy, but these sweets can also boost your blood sugar and help soothe a queasy tummy. 

Maternity pillow

It’s never too early to get a maternity pillow. Once you have one, you won’t ever want to let it go, even after the baby has been born!

Pregnancy pillows come in a LOT of different shapes and sizes. Some are huge and take up half of your bed, while others are way smaller and you will be able to also use them for nursing support. 

Take a look at this handy pregnancy pillow buying guide which has tips for where the different sizes and shapes of pillow can support you. 

Acu-pressure wristband 

Nausea in the first trimester is normal, but its also a pain especially as you may not be telling a lot of people why you are feeling so sick in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 

Wristbands that apply pressure can help to reduce the sickness. 

Vit B6 and peppermint oil bon-bons 

These melt-in-the-mouth bon-bons are made with natural peppermint oil enriched with vitamin B6. They can work wonders for soothing your nausea. 

These are not hard boiled sweets, but soft and chewy. Some ladies may prefer this to the hard boiled sweets you suck on. 

Peppermint oil is one of several essential oils that can help to treat nausea. You could also buy some peppermint oil and using it in a diffuser, inhaling the smell to help with the sickness. 

Other essential oils that can help with nausea: 

  • Spearmint oil 
  • Cardamom oil 
  • Ginger oil 
  • Lavender oil 
  • Fennel oil 


Some dry crackers or biscuits by your bedside can work wonders for your morning sickness. 

Eat one as soon as you wake up, before you even get out of bed. This can help to combat that horrible nausea during the first trimester. 

Baby tracker app

There are some fantastic apps that will track your baby’s growth and indicate to you how far along they are in growth. 

Some also let you record your own pictures and schedule your appointment reminders to hold your hand through the entire process. 

Gentle toothbrush

During pregnancy hormonal changes can mean that your gums are more susceptible to bleeding and sensitivity. 

Keep on top of your mouth and gum health by swapping for a softer bristle toothbrush that is gentler on your gums. 

A really good moisturiser

Stretch marks cannot be completely ruled out. Some ladies are just genetically more susceptible to getting them than others. 

But you can certainly help the situation, and your own skin health and comfort, by using a good moisturiser every single day for the duration of your pregnancy. 

Look for something specifically geared up for maternity moisturising. This will be rich in the properties you need to help your stretching skin. It’s particularly important to moisturise immediately after bathing or showering to lock in moisture. 

Pregnancy book

Keep track of your pregnancy and get tips for staying healthy with a pregnancy book. 

It’s also lovely to see the developments going on in your body broken down week-by-week. You will get insights into your baby’s growth, plus ideas for how to nourish your pregnancy. 

There are pregnancy books that offer all of the information, but there are also some that take a fantastic humorous look at the world of pregnancy and having a baby. 

Pregnancy journal

This is a huge time in your life, but after a few years you will forget the little details about it as you focus on your baby. 

Remember your thoughts and feelings about pregnancy in a journal. Even if they are bad, they may be something you will reflect on in a few years’ time. 

They can also make an interesting thing for you baby to read when they are older. 

Cute onesie for your pregnancy announcement 

You may already have some cool ideas for a pregnancy announcement. There are so many great and creative ways to declare your pregnancy to your friends. 

Getting a cute onesie and either styling it in a flatlay photograph, or holding it other your growing tummy, can be a really fun to make the big reveal. 

I hope these product tips have given you some great ideas and advice to help support your growing body during pregnancy.

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18 first trimester must-haves18 first trimester must-haves
first trimester must-haves for pregnant ladiesfirst trimester must-haves for pregnant ladies