We all joked about the possibility of a quarantine baby boom when we went into lockdown a few months ago, and now those couples who did pass the time by doing the baby dance are announcing their quarantine pregnancies.

These tongue-in-cheek pandemic pregnancy announcements prove that couples certainly didn’t socially distance from each other, and now have some super exciting news to share. These pregnancy announcements use every pandemic pun possible to let their world know that this summer will be the season of quarantine babies.

Here are 15 hilarious quarantine pregnancy announcements.

Loo roll LOL

Ok, these guys may have had trouble getting their hands on loo roll, but they had no trouble adding to their brood!

Round of applause for quarantine

Well played quarantine, well played.

Social distance fail

Not great at social distancing with each other, these parents now have a sweet surprise on the way.

Christmas comes early

Quarantine babies are also Christmas babies!

A positive out of the pandemic

The pandemic wasn’t all bad news …

Pandemic protection

Look on the bright side

We love a glass half full vibe!

Move over Netflix …

There’s a new way to chill and it doesn’t involve watching TV.

Quarantine win

We all put on weight in quarantine anyway …

Pandemic pregnancy

Take a Netflix twist on a quarantine baby.

Sibling social distancing

Great job mum and dad!

Time wasting = baby making

A combination of a cancelled vasectomy and a lot of quarantine time to kill.

Boredom buster

Passing the time making a little miracle.

Quarantine goals

Everyone had their own goals to achieve during quarantine – this mumma ticked hers off!

Sweet surprise

What’s one more, right?

Got a quarantine baby on the way?

If you’ve had a social distancing fail during quarantine and want to announce your own pandemic pregnancy, we’ve found the most adorable accessories to make it a social media sensation.

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