The push present has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

For those who don’t know, it’s a gift given to a new mum by their other half to congratulate/thank them/make them feel better for bringing new life into the world.

I confess that I was initially very sceptical about the concept of a push present. I mean, surely the baby is gift enough?

However having gone through two exhausting deliveries and then the tricky early weeks with a newborn, I can totally see why mums need a bit of extra celebrating.

I thought I would put together a little gift guide featuring the perfect push presents, and the good news is there’s something here to suit every budget. It is absolutely the thought that counts!

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The best push present ideas 

1. Jewellery

Diamonds are forever, don’t you know, just like your baby! This is a beautiful and extravagant way to congratulate a new mummy, and it’s something they will treasure.

But this is, of course, pushing the boat out quite a lot at a time when you may not have quite so much spare cash floating around!

Instead of spending thousands of pounds on a new diamond necklace, consider getting a personalised piece of jewellery. 

There are so many beautiful options for personalised jewellery, including necklaces that you can get finished with your baby’s initial and/or birthstone or bracelets and rings. 

One of my favourite British brands is Merci Maman. They make beautiful jewellery that you can personalise in a huge range of ways. 

2. Handbag / changing bag

This one is a judgement call really. The new mama may want a handbag for those rare nights she gets a chance to go out. 

While new mamas generally have a changing bag crammed full of wipes, nappies and spare clothes to tote around, we may well get out without the baby at some point in the future.

It’s nice to have a new grown-up only handbag to fill with grown-up only things!

But on the other hand there are some amazing changing bags on the market that also double up as work or even gym bags. 

For a really beautiful gift, check out the range of bags at Fact and Fiction. The linings contain anti-smell technology (yes, really) and look so stylish you will never know they are a changing bag!

These are perfect as a gift for a new mama with a sense of style. 

Storksak also make beautiful and practical changing bags. 

This beautiful new bag I treated myself to recently is from Kurt Geiger and it’s one of my absolute fave things in my wardrobe!

3. Flowers

It’s often the little gestures that count. Giving a bunch of flowers can really cheer new mamas up, and it brightens up the house too!

If there’s the option to add a box of chocolates with the delivery, always click ‘yes’.

As a new mother probably doesn’t want the doorbell ringing every five minutes, you could try Bloom and Wild flowers. These are posted through the letterbox, so no one will disturb mum and baby. 

4. Personalised memento

This is one of my absolute favourite new mama gifts. Plus it could be anything, there’s so much on the market now that is personalised, from jumpers to jewellery and chopping boards to make-up bags.

You could buy the new mama a kit to take baby’s hand and footprints, which she can then send off to be specially framed or frame herself. 

Keepsake boxes with the baby’s name on are another lovely gift, as they can be used to keep first lock of hair, favourite babygro and favourite toy from the first year!

If you want to get her something edible, go for some new mummy chocolates!

5. A shopping spree

As mummies have been limited to maternity clothes only for the previous few months, then a few new items of clothing will definitely be appreciated!

Of course you need to be careful when purchasing nice new things with a newborn around, anything white is probably not a good idea and dry clean only should be avoided at all costs too!

Go for clothes that are comfortable but close to her usual style. 

6. Shoes

Sky high heels probably won’t be appreciated, but a pair of super glam new trainers would. Boden have some absolutely gorgeous sneakers.

Something like these would put a spring in a new mummy’s step!

7. Mum and baby matching outfits

Some people hate twinning, but I think it’s so cute! There are so many really cool options online as well, including this “Exhausted” and “Exhausting” combination. Funny, and true!

There are some fantastic brands in the UK creating gorgeous personalised clothing for mama and baby. 

This beautiful mum and baby matching set is adorable!

8. New mum pampering kit

Keeping moisturised is so important during pregnancy, but it’s also really important to look after the body after giving birth too. I love the new mummy gift sets from Mama Mio.

A lot of gift sets also come with products for baby too, which I think is a nice touch.

9. A camera

There’s no better time to invest in a new camera to capture all of the special moments with your new baby!

Choose something small and light, that can be easily taken everywhere. If it fits in the changing bag then it will get way more use. 

10. Bedsheets

Sleep will be tricky in the early weeks with a baby, so when you do get to bed you want it to be extremely comfortable so you can make the most of your rest.

Bedsheets can also brighten up your bedroom, giving it an instant makeover!

Go for something with a bit of colour and a beautiful print!

11. Coffee mug

Caffeine is an essential part of coping with motherhood. It’s nice to have a brand new mug to cheer you up in the early hours of the morning.

There’s also loads of personalised options on the market too. 

If you want to be really smart, go for a Thermos mug that can keep her cup of tea or coffee warm, because the baby is probably going to make her forget to drink it straight away! It’s also great for taking a drink out when going for a walk with the baby. 

12. Book to record the first year memories

The New Mum Notebook is an absolutely stunning book in which the new mama can record her thoughts and memories of motherhood in the first year. 

It’s full of inspirational quotes and prompts for writing about baby and their milestones. 

I hope you found some good inspiration here. I would definitely recommend sharing this list with your other half if you’re just about to or have recently given birth. You absolutely deserve something special!



11 ideas for the perfect push present11 ideas for the perfect push present