As mums we all know that the joy far outweighs the bad.

But, and that’s a big but, it’s bloody hard work sometimes. There are definitely good days and bad days, though we often get a string of bad ones, particularly when our kids are poorly.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m able to handle the bad days without breaking a sweat and other days I want to curl up in a ball underneath my duvet and never get out of bed.

It can be hard to lift your mood when you’re feeling absolutely drained, annoyed and fed-up, so here are some positive steps I take when it’s just one of those days.

1. Phone a friend

Sometimes the best thing you can do is call your best mate and have a good cry.

A bad day when you’re a parent can make you feel stressed but it can also compound feelings of loneliness.

Give them a ring and rant about how the kids are driving you crazy.

2. Plan a trip out

Think about somewhere you could go that would break the day up, but not in a stressful way. For this reason soft play is probably best avoided.

However think of a beautiful place to walk with the kids, or a child-friendly place you could go for lunch or coffee.

3. Start researching your next holiday

On a similar subject, get planning your next holiday. Think about what your budget is, then research destinations and think about dates.

Having something to look forward to is always a great help for me to look on the bright side.

4. Clean

Take all that pent up energy and use it to scrub the floor.

It’s not glamorous, but if your home looks nice then it may perk you up. You will also at least feel like you’ve achieved something today.

5. Get creative

Why not try a new art and craft activity with your little ones. Don’t make it anything too stressful, as you don’t want to make yourself feel worse.

I recommend heading to Hobbycraft for inspiration, there’s so much you can pick up there and it’s not too expensive either.

6. Out with the old

Binning unwanted stuff, clothes and things you never use can be quite satisfying.

Have good sort out and try to ditch 10 things you no longer need. Check out my tips for speedy decluttering too!

7. Make a list of positive things

Try writing down five things in your life that make you happy.

It can focus your mind on the positive, which can be a real pick-me-up on a hard day.

8. Lower your expectations

If you can’t believe how much the kids are crying/shouting/whinging, then maybe lower your expectations for the day. I don’t mean encourage negative behaviour. But try not to project how you think they should be behaving onto them.

If you don’t expect impeccably behaved and polite kids, then you won’t be too disappointed.

9. Have a social media break

Social media is brilliant, but it does have a tendency to make us feel a bit rubbish about ourselves.

On a bad day, I like to have a break and switch off my phone, instead focusing on the kids and house and doing something positive.

10. Count to 10

A simple but effective solution. Leave the room to do it if that helps as well.

11. Don’t take it out on others

If your other half walks through the door and you’re ranting and raving about how bloody awful your day has been just seconds later, you’re not going to be making you or the situation better.

By all means use your other half for support, but don’t take your frustrations at how bad your day has been out on them. You will probably just make matters worse.

Try to take a deep breath and choose your words and tone carefully. Ambushing someone as soon as they walk through the door just won’t help matters. Though I understand and have done exactly this myself! It’s tough, but try to save airing your upset once your other half has had a chance to get into the house, get change, eat and see the kids.

I hope you found these tips useful. Don’t forget that being a mummy is so very tough, even on the best of days. Be kind to yourself.


11 ways to pick yourself up on hard days as a parent - tips for mamas who are having a bad day