Staying safe, healthy and warm are all on your mind when pregnant in winter. 

There are quite a few hazards around for pregnant ladies at this time of year, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. 

From icy pavements and the potential for getting stuck in the snow, to staying cosy and avoiding the flu, there’s a few things to consider when getting ready for the winter season. 

Try these top tips for staying safe over the winter months. 

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Wear good shoes with grip

Now is not the time to be totting around in heels or shivering in ballet flats.

Falls can be especially dangerous during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. If you suffer any trauma to your belly there may be loss of amniotic fluid or it may  cause your placenta to come away from the uterine wall.

Go for shoes with a decent sole and good grip so that you can stay upright on icy surfaces. 

If you do fall over, see your doctor if you experience any vaginal bleeding, reduction in foetal movement or abdominal pain.

Find a festive way to mark your pregnancy 

Pregnant at Christmas timePregnant at Christmas time

It’s pretty special being pregnant at any time of year, but Christmas seems to feel like a particularly exciting time to be expecting a baby. 

Get some pictures of you and your bump by the Christmas tree. 

If you haven’t yet announced your pregnancy, this is a really nice time of year to come up with creative announcements.

Try making a snow family, with your baby represented as a tiny snowman, or add a bump to your snowman. 

Alternatively you could get a Christmas pregnancy announcement sign or banner and pose with it for a photo. 

Stay warm

Get yourself a cosy maternity wardrobe. This doesn’t mean you need to buy brand new items for every category of clothing. 

Your pre-pregnancy cardigans will still function perfectly well, even if you can’t do them up any more!

Leggings may also still fit you as well, although you may find that over-the-bump maternity leggings are better as they give an extra layer of warmth over your belly. 

Layer up with cotton tops to stay cosy. If you are suffering with itchy skin, especially around your bump, then try to avoid wool jumpers. If you do wear them, then put a thin cotton top on underneath your jumper so that it’s not in direct contact with your skin. 

It’s a good idea to get a maternity coat to keep you warm. Choose something that won’t date, as if you do get pregnant again it’s nice to recycle your maternity coat to save money in your next pregnancy. Go for a classic style. 

Be safe on long car journeys

Get a roadside recovery service, so that you know you won’t be stuck anywhere!

If you are very far along in your pregnancy, consider whether long car journeys are safe and absolutely necessary for you. If they are, try not to go on lengthy car trips by yourself. 

Have a kit in the boot of the car containing extra layers of clothing or blankets, water bottles and energy bars just in case. 

Get your flu jab

Every pregnant woman is offered the flu jab in winter in the UK. 

Having the flu jab does not give you the flu! It helps to provide not only you with immunity, but also your baby as you pass on the benefits to them in the womb. 

Flu is potentially fatal for babies, so it’s important to give them some protection in winter, when flu season is at its peak. 

For pregnant ladies, flu can be dangerous because it may cause dehydration, infections such as pneumonia and early delivery of your baby. 

Don’t skip your flu jab!

Strengthen your immune system

Give your immune system a boost by eating a good, healthy diet and drinking lots of water. 

Remember to wash your hands regularly, as this is the time of year when bugs are plentiful. 

Continue taking your prenatal vitamins, and if you are not already add a pregnancy fish oil supplement too. This gives your baby a great boost in terms of brain development. 

Moisturise religiously 

Winter and dry skin go hand-in-hand! Plus going from the cold outdoors to a heated home plays havoc with your skin. 

Moisturise your bump twice a day and the rest of your body after every shower. 

As your bump gets bigger you may notice it becomes itchy, the right moisturiser can help keep this at bay. 

Take it easy 

With Christmas and New Year, there is so much to do at this time of year!

It’s easy to end up rushing around trying to get everything done, attend all the parties, and pick out the perfect presents for your loved ones. 

But you need to remember to put your feet up and relax. Try to keep on top of your to do list and delegate wherever you can. 

Make a list of the people who you need to get gifts and cards for as early as possible. Start shopping well before December so that you can spread out all of the preparation that needs to be done. 

Get some exercise

Gentle exercise is really good for you at all stages of your pregnancy. It keeps your body strong, in preparation for giving birth. 

Try activities such as swimming, yoga and walking to keep yourself active. 

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