I complain about my toddlers a lot, both verbally and to myself – either muttering four-letter words under my breath or looking to the skies as I plea for divine intervention.

I get stressed out by the tantrums, the string of demands, the sibling brawls and the refusal of meals I’ve spent two hours preparing.

I spend way too much time saying “no, put that down” and “stop hitting your sister”.

But through all of the hard and frustrating times, actually my two little terrors are pretty awesome and unbelievably sweet.

It’s easy to criticise and complain about our toddlers – I certainly do – but every now and then we need to appreciate just how awesome our kids are.

These are the reasons why toddlers are so very cute:

1. They can’t pronounce anything

I love that my daughter can’t pronounce her Rs properly and says “dat” instead of that. It just makes everything she says sound funny, even the demands.

2. They say hilarious things

Kids come out with some random stuff. And they have an answer for absolutely everything.

3. Their fantasy worlds are amazing

My daughter often chats away to herself in the back of the car. I’ll ask her what she’s saying, and she’ll tell me “I’m just talking to myself mummy”.

The beauty of being a child is that you love your own company, because your imagination is so amazing that you can conjure up all kinds of weird stuff in your head.

4. Their friendships are so pure

When I see my daughter and her best friend hold hands and laugh with each other I could actually burst out crying there and then.

5. The laughter is infectious

When they get the giggles, you can’t help but get the giggles too. It’s that beautiful free-spirited laughter, and it gets me every time.

6. Their lack of skill at games is funny

You feel bad about mocking them, so you try to keep the laughter under wraps, but it’s hard at times

When they attempt to kick a football and miss, landing on their bum, or play hide-and-seek, which in their world involves just closing their eyes, it is pretty hilarious.

7. The questions

They question absolutely everything, including why can’t they have jelly for breakfast, why do grown-ups have to work and why isn’t Peppa Pig real.

8. When they do naughty things it can be really hard not to laugh

So you’re the grown-up so you want to set the right example. But when your child keeps running away and hiding when their dad is trying to brush their hair, you have to really struggle to stop the snigger that’s desperate to get out.

9. The observations

Kids are actually pretty astute, and they notice way more than you realise at the time.

I remember trying to tell my daughter we might see a dragon when we go for a walk in the woods, to which she replied: “But mummy, they’re only make-believe.”

10. They have no filter

Toddlers can talk, but they haven’t yet learned the delicate art of manners and public decorum. Therefore they will shout “mummy’s got tampons in her bag” at anyone who will listen, because they think it’s important for people to know.

Just whatever you do, do not ever let them overhear you bad-mouthing anyone, ever. You will pay the price!

11. They actually show you how much they love you

Babies don’t give anything back at all, apart from the odd gassy smile.

A toddler says “I love you”, grabs your face for a kiss and gives cuddles on demand. They are little love machines.