Motivated by the new Marie Kondo show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I am on a mission to declutter my entire house this year.

If you haven’t seen this new Netflix show, you need to check it out.  Marie Kondo brings her popular KonMari method to families who need help decluttering their home.

She shows them how to get rid of stuff they no longer need and organise the stuff that they do, no matter how small the space is. 

I’ve flirted with decluttering in the past. I’ve done bits and pieces but it’s never quite stuck. The mess just creeps back and before I know it, I can’t find anything and every room just looks a mess. 

After watching the show, I knew I needed to start thinking bigger!

Now I know some people will be thinking urgh life’s too short for cleaning, you have kids that’s going to keep you busy enough. 

But the thing is, this isn’t just about me. It’s about every member of our family being able to find their toys, clothes and favourite things easily. It’s about making our house, which we moved into just a few months ago, feel more like home (sorry to be cheesy). 

Committing to the process seems scary, but it’s about doing a little bit a day. I may do another post about the reasons you may fear you can’t possibly declutter (your kids will just make mess again, you have no time, etc), but for now I’m going to talk motivation.

These are the 11 motivating reasons that have sparked my own Marie Kondo decluttering mission. 

1. It will save you time

Yes in the short-term you will have some work to do.

Your house will be messier, before it becomes tidier. 

However, once your home is in order, and you’ve binned the stuff you don’t need, you will save yourself so much time. 

If everything has a place, you will always know where to find things. You won’t be poking around every overflowing drawer trying to find that one kitchen utensil, or digging through the kids’ toy baskets searching for that stray puzzle piece. 

A decluttered home also takes less time to clean. 

2. Less stress

One of my main causes of stress is mess and feeling like I can never find anything. 

Opening the airing cupboard to see everything jumbled together, or going into a drawer to find a top but having to dig through everything to spot it right at the back. 

The children’s rooms are just permanently resembling a jumble sale because the toys just get lumped together in storage boxes. 

My eldest will be doing a puzzle and then find a piece is missing, which results in her asking me a dozen times where it is. 

Giving everything a place and being able to find stuff when you need to is going to result in less stress for you. 

3. It’s extremely therapeutic

At the start it can be daunting. Some days I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by it all and completely stuck. 

However for the most part it is so therapeutic. It’s satisfying clearing out old junk and seeing space return to your home. It’s also nice to discover things you had forgotten you owned. 

It’s been particularly nice for me to see the kids’ bedrooms straightened out, as they can now find the toys they want straight away. 

4. You get to see what you actually own

Putting everything out there, in a huge pile, shows you what you actually have. 

I didn’t even get a sense for this when we moved, as everything just went from one house, to a box, to the new house. 

Piling all of my clothes up on the bed was a bit of a wake-up call to all of the things I was hanging on to. I had dresses I hadn’t worn since I fell pregnant with my first baby more than five years ago. 

It’s a similar story with clearing out the kitchen. You get to see all of the gadgets you had forgotten. 

5. Your family will know where their own stuff is

I don’t know about you, but I am the only person who seems to know where anything is in our house!

By giving everything a place, and organising my children’s rooms so that their toys are arranged by category, I’m hoping they will be able to play independently with less help from me.

6. You will actually use things you had forgotten you had

As the kids receive more toys for Christmas and birthdays I found they were actually only playing with a handful of things because everything else they owned was in a jumbled mess. 

By going through every single item, as the KonMari method teaches, you can decide what items are worth keeping, then make sure they are organised in a way that means they will be used more often. 

7. It makes your home feel brand new

I was stuck in a bit of a rut with the decor of our home. There were still boxes from the move dotted around and spots I had just dumped things into with the intention of sorting, but never got round to. 

Now with spaces feeling organised, I’m looking at the home in a different way and planning more ways to put our own stamp on it. 

8. You could make money

You may be surprised at what you find and what you’re now prepared to let go. Things like old coats that you just don’t like anymore or toys the kids no longer play with will be wanted by someone else. Stick it on eBay and the cash could soon add up., 

9. You could save money

By knowing what you have, you can stop yourself from duplicating on purchases. 

It can also stop you from buying any new items, because you realise that actually you already have lots of nice things you love. 

10. You will have more space

If you’re sick of stubbing your toe on boxes and not being able to get to the back of the utility room like I was, then you’ll appreciate the end result so much!

11. The end result is so satisfying

It’s such a nice feeling to see my home becoming tidier and filled with stuff that I actually want. 

Clearing things out and being able to find the things I own is just so much better than forever digging through drawers stuffed full of tops I never wore. 

If you fancy following my decluttering journey, as inspired by Marie Kondo and her KonMari method, do follow me over on YouTube. Here’s my first video in this decluttering series: 



11 motivating reasons to declutter your home - how using the Marie Kondo KonMari method can improve your home