Good nursery storage hacks do not have to cost you the earth but they can save you a whole lot of time!

Keep your child’s nursery organised with these brilliant hacks

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1. Use drawer dividers for clothes

nursery storage ideas

This makes all of the difference with things like teeny tiny pairs of socks. I have this drawer divider set and it’s been brilliant for organising the girls’ clothes, as well as my own.

2. Store clothes the KonMari way

Storing clothes vertically is the best way to keep track of what you have and helps you make decisions easier when it comes to dressing your baby in the morning. 

I have a video all about storing my kids’ clothes which demonstrates how to fold them.

You could also check out Marie Kondo’s book Spark Joy, which I’ve really enjoyed and features sketches showing how to perfect your folding technique. 

3. Use laundry delicates bags

I love this nursery storage hack, and have bought dozens of these laundry bags! What possible use to these have outside of the laundry room? Well, if you have a puzzle or similar toy that comes in lots of different pieces and the box gets crushed, mangled or chewed, you simply transfer the pieces to one of the zip-up laundry bags.

This is so much better than a box, which can get crushed as kids play, and because it’s full of holes you don’t need to worry about your little ones putting it on their head. 

4. Gallery-style book cases

These won’t take up so much space in your child’s room and makes the books easier to pick out. 

5. Over the door hooks

Over the door hooks are perfect for coats and dressing gowns.

6. Over the door storage

You can buy racks with shelves or fabric storage designed to hold shoes. Use them to store muslins and baby clothes. Such a brilliant space saver!

7. Install shelves in a single wardrobe

Hanging tiny baby clothes won’t be the best use of space in a small wardrobe. Instead install shelves, you can do it relatively cheaply yourself. Alternatively measure up the space and buy a drawer or shelving unit that will fit the space. 

8. Cube storage

Organising your child’s toys and possessions by category makes it so much easier to tidy them away at the end of a day. 

The IKEA Kallax range is a brilliant choice and comes in a range of sizes. You could also try this storage unit. 

9. Keep shoe boxes

These are fab for storing smaller toys such as loose blocks and rattles. 

10. Fabric storage basket

A large fabric storage container can be collapsed and stored when you no longer need it, but it can also hold lots of soft toys.

11. Storage trolley

This storage trolley makes the perfect nappy changing station! You can add storage pots to hang on either side where you could keep creams, wipes or nail clippers.

When your baby reaches toddlerhood it can be used as an arts and crafts trolley.

I hope you liked these recommendations! If you’re looking for more home storage hacks, do check out this post!

11 brilliant nursery storage ideas - fab inspiration for organising your baby's room
Nursery storage hacks that will save you lots of space - brilliant ideas for organising your baby's room