Ah the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, but when you’re a parent the grand gestures of Valentine’s Day become tricky to stage.

With any luck you’ll manage to get some flowers still, but a romantic dinner out is probably off the table due to the little demanding monkeys who keep you awake all night and have robbed you of a social life.

But never fear, for there are plenty of ways for parents to express their love for each other that don’t involve a giant Hallmark card or a plane skywriting “LUV U”.

Take note of these options and if your other half needs to take a hint, share the post around where they can find it!

1. Change all of the nappies

A nappy-free day doesn’t sound like much but it’s extremely freeing to not have responsibility for the five-times-a-day wrestling match that is getting your child into a clean nappy.

Also nothing says I love you like volunteering to tackle an explosive newborn baby nappy, the kind that leaks onto every item of clothing and the bedding. The person who does this for you is without a doubt your lobster.

2. Buy earplugs

You may think this is not the most romantic gift you’ve ever had plonked in front of you, but think of the sentiment behind them.

Wear them all night and get undisturbed sleep while your other half deals with the night feeds, crying and demands for a drink of water followed by a story at 3am.

3. Compliment them on their trackies

Fashion statements go out of the window when you’ve just had a baby. Your wardrobe stays pretty basic for some time after too as you’re dealing with food being hurled at you on a daily basis.

That’s why you need to be told your not-so glamorous get-up makes you look gorgeous anyway. It might be that you’re wearing a pair of slightly stained pink tracksuit bottoms with a thoroughly mismatched red tee. But you’re still the mother of their child.

Dads, tell your other half she looks amazing even without make-up.

Mamas, it works both ways. Tell him there’s nothing sexier than a dude cuddling a baby.

4. Take the batteries out of the most annoying toys

There are certain toys that are just irritating. The music goes on and on, it’s loud and repetitive and it just gets under your skin.

Give your loved one a break by removing the batteries from the worst offenders. You can put them back in after a couple of days. It’s not cruelty, it’s essential respite.

5. Take a long walk – with the kids

Before kids those long, romantic walks in the woods were for relaxing. Now though when it comes to walking, the most romantic thing you can do is leave your other half at home so they can enjoy the silence of having no kids in the house.

It truly is something to luxuriate in, being able to turn on your own music, get some chores done, put your fave TV show on or even get into bed for a nap. Bliss.

6. Be superman

When your kid is losing the plot with an epic tantrum to put all others to shame, swoop in like a hero and scoop the child up. Take full and sole responsibility for calming them down.

7. Make them a cuppa

It’s the little things after all.

8. Get cozy by the fire – burning baby books

There are some books that just cause more stress than provide help. If your other half is reading this damaging material and pulling their hair out because baby won’t nap at midday on the dot, it’s time to burn the book.

Remind your loved one that they know best.

9. Hand over the remote

Again it’s the little things that count. However this must be done without complaint when your loved one chooses to watch Take Me Out, X Factor or Don’t Tell The Bride.

10. Give them five minutes alone time in the loo

Distract and entertain the kids so that your other half can use the toilet without a toddler pointing out they have hairy legs and a baby crying at their feet.

Sometimes we just need that five minutes of peace. Not because we need a number two, but because the silence is so damn amazing.