Are you craving a new baby even though they’ve only just wheeled you out of the delivery room?

If so, you’re probably still under the effects of painkilling drugs! But seriously, if you’re anything like me you did start contemplating baby number two before your first has hit one year old.

I have a 21-month age gap between my two. There are of course shorter age gaps. I know people who had popped out their second before they had celebrated their first child turning one. Yikes!

Everyone is different and we all have our reasons for waiting until having another baby – if we do actually want more than one!

So for those who are on the fence about getting knocked up again so soon after popping out their first, I thought I would share a few good reasons for having a small age gap. 

1. You get the difficult early years out of the way quicker

Waiting a few years between kids means that you’ll be back to square one of sleepless nights after just getting your eldest to finally sleep through.

Condensing all of the sleep deprivation, nappies, ands tantrums into one short period means you can enjoy your kids independence a lot more when they are both doing more for themselves.  

2. Your kids like similar toys

This is also a con, because it leaves to endless rows and squabbles. However the solution is to get two of absolutely everything and hope they can play nicely.

It makes playtime way easier, as both children want to do similar things and, hopefully, play with each other and give you a little break.

3. Planning days out is easier

You won’t have one child desperate to ride rollercoasters and another who just wants to splash about in the paddling pool. When both kids are at a similar developmental stage, you can choose places to visit that both of them will enjoy far easier. 

4. Less sibling rivalry

Of course there will always be some sibling rivalry, but a younger child tends to adapt to having a new sibling much quicker than an older one.

If you give them small tasks to help out with the new baby, they should feel much happier about the new addition as they will feel useful. Being the “big” brother or sister is a nice badge of pride for a toddler. 

5. Childcare decisions are easier

With kids of a similar age, both are likely to be in the same childcare setting for longer. This saves you time in the mornings when dropping them off, as you’re not rushing between two places. 

6. Everything is easier the second time

With a small age gap you remember things such as potty training and weaning far more vividly so that when it comes to the second time, you are aware of all of the pitfalls and you just get on with it.

7. Hand-me-downs

You won’t have to store old clothes and toys for years and years, because your youngest will grow into their older sibling’s things in a much shorter space of time than if you have a large gap between them.

8. Less stress

Although having two young children is hard work, especially when it comes to sleepless nights, you’ll worry and stress about the little things much less because you’re far more experienced the second time around. 

9. Your body is likely to be more fertile

Once you’ve made the decision to start trying again quickly after having your first baby, you may be surprised at how soon you fall pregnant. Your body is super fertile after having a baby, so you may not have to wait that long. 

10. The bond

With a shorter gap between two siblings, it should mean they grow up with a strong bond. Of course they won’t like each other all of the time, but they will have each other’s backs when it comes to school bullies and heartbreak. 

Are you thinking of having another baby? Have you got a short gap between your little ones? Have you found it easy to cope with? Share any top tips in the comments below.