Us Brits love a bit of sunshine but heatwaves can be a mighty trying time for parents. 

It’s not that we want it to rain, but is it too much to ask for a temperature that’s more pleasant and less sweaty?

There are the reasons why heatwaves are hell on parents: 

1. Babies are like miniature furnaces 

It’s bad enough that we are hot. But babies are so fricking hot. 

Skin to skin contact is encouraged immediately after birth and in the newborn weeks. It is a beautiful bonding moment, except when you’re both sweaty and red and you’ve been pinned underneath the world’s clingiest hot water bottle for the last hour. 

2. Paddling pools

This is a whole issue in itself for several reasons. Yes paddling pools provide a wonderful way to cool down kids, and provide entertainment.

However they are also extremely worrying, because you dare not take your eyes off your tottering little ones even for a minute due to the fear of drowning (I hear “it only takes an inch of water” on repeat in my head every time the kids go anywhere near so much as a puddle).

They can also take forever to blow up, which is no fun in a heatwave, and they will randomly break due to a puncture or tear forcing you to mission it to Argos and fork out for a replacement.

3. The suncream battle

Attempting to get suncream on a toddler is similar to applying it to a flapping fish. They will wriggle out of your grasp at every chance they get and the worst part is you have to reapply every few hours. 

4. Sunburn

Because you put so much effort into getting suncream on the little angels, you inevitably miss a spot on yourself or fail to put any on completely. 

This is why you see so many red-faced or red-backed parents this time of year. 

5. All the stuff

During the summer we wear lighter and fewer layers. Therefore it should follow that our bags are a little lighter when we head off for days out. 

But no, this is not the case! Instead the space that was once occupied by gloves, hats and wellies is now occupied by suncream, towels, swimsuits, sun hats and extra water. 

6. The sticky mess

Ice creams are required for survival at this time. But children will take the most pathetic of licks until the majority of the treat sits in a puddle at their feet. 

Then they will cry over the waste and demand another, while pawing at your clothes with their chocolate ice cream-covered fingers. Sigh. 

7. The grumpiness

Kids don’t get that tearing around in a heatwave will make them hot and bothered. They don’t understand why it makes them so very pissed off. So they just take it out on you. Because that’s what you’re there for, obviously. 

8. The clothing debate

Do I put the baby down in just a nappy, or will she wake up in the middle of the night feeling chilly?

Should I put her down in a vest, but then will she be a bit sweaty?

Should she be in just a thin sleeping bag, but then will I spend all night fearing she will succumb to heat stroke and have to check on her every hour?

The sodding GroEgg and it’s stupid sad face is no help whatsoever at these times. Yes, we know the room is too hot! Tell it to the sun!

9. The hunt for shade

While being outdoors in this weather is, mostly, a joy, when you have teeny babies with delicate skin there’s a constant hunt for the perfect shady spot. 

It needs to be somewhere with decent coverage but where you can still see your older kids playing. Of course everyone else has the same idea at this time of year, so it’s the battle of the picnic blankets everywhere you go. 

10. No one wants to sleep in an oven

By the time the temperature has cooled outside, it’s 28C inside and no one is going to sleep.

Even with all of the windows open and fans going, little ones are just too worked up and uncomfortable to nod off. 

When they finally do nod off, us parents are too hot to join them. 

What do you think of the summer heatwave? Are you enjoying it or does it leave you longing for snow?