Have you been wondering when you can introduce a comforter to your baby?

The answer is you can do it whenever you want to. They might not really get it for the first few weeks, but having it around so that the smell and texture becomes familiar will help your child bond with it.

If your baby is struggling to settle in their own cot, you could try popping the comforter down your top (I know that sounds weird but it will help it to smell like you) for a while each day. Alternatively keep it in your bed with you.

Cute baby comforters

Once your baby does bond with the comforter it can be a really good aide to help you settle them at nap time and night.

One of my best baby tips ever is when your baby has bonded with a comforter, buy a second identical one and alternate the two so that the smell is familiar. This way if one ever goes missing, you have a back-up!

Here are some fab comforters for your baby (Click to shop, this post contains affiliate links):

Lamb Lovey Comforter

Guess How Much I love You comfort blanket

Muslin Lovey

Elmer comfort blanket

Peter Rabbit comfort blanket

Paddington comfort blanket

Personalised elephant comforter

Elephant soft comforter

Eeyore comforter

Monkey comforter

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This post contains affiliate links.

10 gorgeous baby comforters - lovely comforters to give to your newborn baby to help them sleep