Reading a bedtime book to your baby is a perfect part of a bedtime routine

Are you looking for soothing baby bedtime books to help your little one relax and go to sleep?

Reading to my kids has always been an essential part of our bedtime routine, ever since they were newborns. 

Your baby’s bedtime is the perfect part of the day to bond with your little one. Reading a story is such an important part of that, not only because it will help to soothe and relax them, but it will also help to encourage their language. 

Even at just a few weeks old, exposing your baby to language is a beneficial thing. Of course they’re a long way off from saying their own first words, but it’s brilliant for brain development. 

In the early weeks you might find that your baby is a too sleepy in the evenings to keep their eyes open for a regular bedtime, but that’s OK. 

Even reading to them for a very short space of time is great. 

Baby bedtime stories for your baby's bedtime routineBaby bedtime stories for your baby's bedtime routine

Once your baby is a little more receptive to routines, at around four months, you can have a set bedtime where a bath, book and last feed of the day become the norm. 

So if you’re looking to expand your baby’s library, or pregnant and want to get some gorgeous baby books ready for your new arrival, here are my top tips for the best baby bedtime stories. 

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This beautiful story is perfect for your baby. They can become familiar with it in the first year, and grow to love it as they reach toddlerhood. 

Featuring rhyming, soothing noises such as the description of the grass going “swishy swashy”, this book is an ideal story before a good night’s sleep. 

It was also turned into a short TV special by Channel 4, which is well worth a watch when your child is a little older. 

This is an absolute classic! It was first published in 1947, but still graces many baby nurseries even all these years later. 

The first time I read it, I found some of it slightly strange. The bit where you say “goodnight nobody”?? 

However, it’s short and sweet, has pretty pictures that you can point out to your baby to help teach them new words plus it’s very relaxing. 

One of my absolute favourite stories to read to the girls when they were babies. 

This story is so sweet. It sees a daddy bunny and a baby bunny as they compete about who loves the other the most. By the end, daddy bunny is tucking baby up to sleep.

It’s perfect for bedtime, and to show your little one how much you love them!

Written by the legend in children’s fiction that is Julia Donaldson, Monkey Puzzle is a rhyming story that sees a little monkey searching for its mama.

It’s a bit longer than some of the other books in this list, but I still think it’s a lovely story to cuddle up with your baby to read. 

I’m sure all of us had a copy of the Very Hungry Caterpillar when we were little! It was one of the first books I bought when my first child was born. 

This book teaches so much about language and counting, but also the lovely illustrations are so engaging. 

It’s the perfect way to entertain your baby before they nod off. 

A beautiful story that’s likely to leave you with a tear in your eye when you read it!

It talks about the love a parent has for their child, using gorgeous illustrations of animals to go with the story.

This book not only has lovely illustrations, but it also contains a valuable message for your little one. It’s great for babies and toddlers who are going into daycare or nursery, as it teaches about separation from mama and how mama always comes back. 

It’s great for bedtime thanks to the owls and it contains repetition of phrases which are great for soothing your baby. 

This is the sequel to the Gruffalo which I also highly recommend, but there’s something about this one which works quite well for bedtime I think!

The Gruffalo is such a beloved children’s book character, and I don’t think it’s ever too early to introduce your child to it. 

The story sees the Gruffalo’s child venture out in search of the Big Bad Mouse. As he searches through the snow, he meets several animals and discovers the truth about the mouse!

One of my daughter’s favourite books as a baby was a simple nursery rhymes book. It contained all of the classics and was great because I could read her just the one, or 10, depending on how much energy she had. 

Rhyming is a great way to relax your little one, and the classic nursery rhymes are so good for language development. 

This is a fantastic bedtime book for babies because it talks about the bedtime routine. 

It’s short and sweet, plus it comes in board book format which is ideal as your baby starts to reach out and grab the pages. 

10 beautiful bedtime baby books10 beautiful bedtime baby books
gorgeous bedtime baby booksgorgeous bedtime baby books